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DC Price Reqest Thread

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pm coming



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Price on a dc 1.2k and 2k to 89431 thanks

Refs-(b.f.) 99vic, WCA Rusty(x3) [email protected], Ampjunkielikeme, Bread0710, AmiCreations (s.t.) REsLaPz, PandaGT(x2), Keiferacing, Juicemane (t.w.) Powski, Big gil[/center]

Build Log


2005 subi STi 380whp 355whp

17" gold bbs

5% tint all around w/sunglare strip

JVC dvd double din

Knuconceptz 4ga wiring

XS Power!

Big 3

8" SAv2 d2

1800 audiopipe

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