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DC Price Reqest Thread

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I am going to do spmething a little diffrent. I am looking for two 15s for around $400 and the price on the 2k. Shipped to Ontario, Canada, P1B1J6

You are going to have to go on the website and contact a team for pricing and purchase. He is the Canadian rep.

I contacted them once and they where more expensive, for what I was looking for at the time. Plus, they where going to have it shipped directly for DC HQ. That's why I asked here. But, if I must... :shrug:

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1994 - Mazda B3000 (Daily/Toy/Show)

2002 - Mazda Protege (Daily)

1995 - Hyundai Accent (R.I.P.)

1984 - Bronco II (Restoration Project)

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XL 15" (2)

direct lead option

Thanks in advance

Current Set-Up

2004 Chevy Tahoe

Subs: 2 DC XL 15's

Box: 8.5 ft^3 @ 38hz

Amp: Amrican Bass VFL 500.1

Alt: Db Electric 250amp

Batts: 2 Kinetic HC 1200s

Radio: Pioneer 3300UB

Doors: Pyle Pro Mids/Goldwood Tweets

Amp: Alpine MRP-300/Hifonics ZX80.4

Wire: Kicker 1/0 Guage

Termlab: 153.1 Outlaw Style @ 46HZ

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cj, your not online lol

need a 5k quote, and maybe throw in a 7.5k ill try convince my mate haha his mojo comited suicide so he get it back on warranty but now said he want a dc like me :drink40:

AUSTRALIA do i need say more?

HU: some crap pionee

AMP: dc 9k @ 18v

SUB: 4 elevation audio sqx 12"

Battery: 2 neuton power 8200d

burp setup for fun 152's

soon to come: rebuilt soundstream xxx (2 18" OR 3 15" wall) Bunch speakers, more batts and new HU

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