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he will get to you give him a sec its only been 10 minutes



Contact us for the best quality cables and accessories with the fastest shipping in the industry

EMAIL: [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>

LIKE US ON FB: https://www.facebook.com/SkyHighCarAudio

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MONSTER SKY HIGH/DC GMC: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/127057-sky-high-monster-gmc-walk-through-12-lvl-5-15s-6-9ks-trim-panels-and-wiring-p-90/


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2 level 5 12s

2 level 5 15s

2 level 5 18s

shipped to 68048

1994 Jeep Cherokee

!@#$%^&*(Soon to come)*&^%$#@!

TONS AND TONS of Audio Technix 80Mil

1 x 270 Amp Mechman Alt

1 x AQ3500D.1

1 x Rockford Fosgate T600-4

8 x Rockford Fosgate T2652-S

2 x XS Power D3100

1 x XS Power D3400

1 x eKs Kable 2 Channel Silver Plated RCA 5M

1 x Knukonceptz Kolossus Fleks Kable 1/0 Red 50FT.

1 x Knukonceptz Kolossus Fleks Kable 1/0 Black 50FT.

4 x Avenue - A605

2 x Fi Q 18

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How much is a lvl 3 12 and lvl 4 12?


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2001 Monte carlo 2-Crescendo BC5500 Bass, Crescendo 1600.2 and crescendo 1100.4 mids and highs

clarion-702, 4 ZVX 15s walled, RF 360.3, knukonceptz, toolmaker, DC power 270xp and DC power 370xp alts, PWX mids, FT1 tweets,

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