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NEW PRODUCT SNEAK PEAK! SMD AD-1 Amp Dyno - UPDATE 3/27/13 Spy Pics Page 11, 13, 14

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forget CEA 2006 or whatever its called. Soon, it will be SMD-Amore 2011 Certified. (with a cool stamp). We will start building our database of amps that qualify for our stamp SOON.

once this product is where we want it to be that is.

Steve laying down the Audio law like a fucking boss :drinks:

cant wait for my dd-1 :yahoo:

You know how you avoid that? Man the fuck up and bang her best friend sister mom cousin worst enemy and never look back.


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D'Amore engineering ftw ! A distortion detector and now a amp dyno :good:

SMD D'Amore Engineering FTW. Just thought i would clarify that. We are a team in case you didnt get the memo. lol.

I see, well SMD D'Amore Engineering FTMFW lol

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Lookin great Steve the Dd-1 was so successful! Your changing the car audio world for the better keep it up man your my idol lol.

2001 is300Headunit: JVC KD-X50BTHighs/Mids: StockHigh/Mids Amp: NASubwoofer: DC Audio LV4 12"Subwoofer Box: DLDesigns Box tuned to 32HzSubwoofer Amp: AQ 2200DElectrical: NA Performance:SRT Racing intake with ECUHKS Super Dragger 2BC Racing Coilovers

BC 264 stage 2 cams

full head build with BC Valves, Retainers, and springs

Dezod Green Race Header Comming soon/Thinking about<p>Electrical: XS power under the hood (Suggestions Welcome)​Performance: BC Cams,Cam gears, maybe GTE Swap down the lineMy YouTube Channel Subscribe and i'll return the favor!Xbox Live Team Website.My First Official Box Build.My FacebooK

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Holy shit. That's good stuff right there.

And I would +1 it, but I deleted my Google+ account due to the overwhelming number of fat chicks finding me after I blocked them from Facebook lol.

whats wrong with fat chicks? they are like mopeds, as long as your friends dont see you riding it, they are a blast! hahah

this is my new sig
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tonys always been a thinker. Im willing to bet he held on to some of these gems for his own good.


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Second Skin


Tsunami Wiring

Sky High

A Real Voltmeter not a piece of shit stinger.

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Dont forget juan.

He doesnt JUST get the lunch order. Lol

2008 California state record holder 157.2 Bassrace2009 California state record holder 157.0 BassraceRollin 50's 158.7db2009 King of Cali Bassrace2009 USACi score 160.5 @ 42hz
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damn man, yet again, another great creation by you guys. really looking forward to seeing more of this :popcorn:

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Once you get this ill come to the shop and you can use it once my 7.5 k and see what realpower its putting out plus give me an excuse to come to the shop I still have not seen. Let you tune it all with the dd 1 to unk :)

My F-150 Build




what if they tried messing with the amps when the subs werent louder :ehh: hahah jk :pardon:

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