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Thanks man.

I need to get that amp over to you. I'm anxious to see if it's still good.
And if so, have you make it over, like you did to the one you have (just like it I believe?).
I intend on making it a part of my girls build, which will be all old-school "refurbished" RF equipment.
But I want to know that it's reliable, and capable, before I do.

I'll pm you and see if I can get it on it's way.

Kickin' Cruiser

Seller Feedback

Stage 3
Dash, Door Panels,
4th Order wall 4 - 15's
on a DC 5.0K 2 DC 5.0K's

Solo X 15 (v.2) Sub Build

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Looks like a lot of old school RF! I have a few old RF amps and subs I was thinking about selling but have no clue how much they are worth anymore. I have two 18 in subs in a professionally built isobaric box. I think they are series 1. They are from the late 90's. I also have a power 1000a1 and punch 400a4. They both work great. Any ideas on how much they are worth any more?

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I bought a Power 1000a1 2 yrs again with no end caps for $200 here in AK. Thing works like a beast and run it in 1 ohm for a while with strong electrical. Clean old school amps IMO.

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On 9/18/2011 at 8:21 PM, BigDWiz said:

Nice amp!

Here are some more from my stash:







My first amp I ever bought was a rf 4020! I had it hooked up to a pair of mb quart 6.5 reference and a solobaric 8 in a Porsche 914. My uncle gave the car to me when I turned 15 so I had a full year to fix it up. I made a custom box that went in between the 2 front seats and boy that little car sounded good. But sadly it was just not enough. Sold the car to a guy that took it to Japan and raced it. It was a fun little car. I also had 2 atomic 10s in the front trunk with some hifonics amp, both were hand me downs from my dad. The 10s were just for everyone else's benefit. I couldn't hear them at all.. Haha. I will never forget my neighbor coming over and yelling at me to turn it down his dishes were rattling. Hahah it was all in good spirits. He just couldn't understand why I would want speakers under the hood that I couldn't hear. I was 15. That's reason enough! 

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