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1988 4x4 Jimmy NEW PICTURES Check out the progress!

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Lost my job and i have been very sick, also my grandmother is having a knee replacement soon. i have not gotten much done helping with family and trying to make money for bills and such but i am working on it when i can!

1988 Jimmy 2 Door 4X4 350 Fuel Injected Swap 125k

2 2003 145A AD-244 Alternators

2 RE SXX15s

Audiopipe 3000D

4 Pyle Pro 6.5 Woofers

RE 6x9s

Infinity 6x9s

Kicker 4x6s (maybe)

MB Quart 4.125

Box from Davetheboxguy.com!

Pioneer DEH-8300UB

100 Sq Ft Sound Deadener Rattle Trap

3 Cans of Great Stuff

I will have new pictures farther i go these are when i first got the blazer.

Dirty, Ugly Wheels, but it will be a big difference when i'm done! i hope anyway.

More pictures this weekend, going to put the wheels on today and start taking out the interior to foam while i wait on Sound Deadener.




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Pictures of the Great stuff, 8ga wire, 0ga wire, 14ga speaker wire, 6x9s, etc. Also Pictures of the new wheels and actually cleaned, looks okay other than the rust and dents haha but oh well one thing at a time






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Good stuff man, can't wait to see this thing built. I have the same subs too.

i've been waiting on the rest of it to ship i should have all the equipment within 3 weeks, going to start on an AD-244 alternator swap this week and taking the interior out for foam and sound deadener. how do you like your subs dkahns51?

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Hello everyone i have some good news, subwoofers, box (from Davetheboxguy.com check him out!), amplifier, head unit, some sound deadener is now on it's way.

As for some bad news, motor blew a head gasket last night, after 250$ worth of a tune up............... so i will be looking for a V8 for it. V8s in s10/blazers are easy, untill you try to do it with 4x4 which takes a lot of custom work. She still runs and drives just have no idea how long it will last.

Just an update though i guess having a V8 4x4 blazer with cold air and a mean sound system will be worth it in it the end.

Stay tuned!

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I got the AP-30001D in today as well as the RE SXX15s, pictures soon!

P.S. - Also found a new motor!




Subwoofers make a can look small


The top left of my speaker tower is Great Stuff with wire around it, Tons of wire! 25ft of 0g, 30ft of 4g, 60ft of 8ga, 50ft of 14g, 3 sets of RCAs, and a few random strands of spare wire lol.


50lbs of FATMAT!

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My buddy dropped a v8 into a 91 s10. He used motor mount adapter plates, custom headers and electric fans.

On these 4x4 s-series trucks/blazers you have to have a special oil pan and exhaust/headers :/

me and my uncle are going to fabricate everything

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