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Aq putting it down


2000 Silverado Ext 1500 v.3

(Walled Silverado)

4 DC Power 270a Alts on A DC Power Quad Alt Bracket

XS Power VCM,Stinger Volt Meters

4 AA Mayhem 18s

2 DC Audio 9.0ks Strapped

1 DC Audio 175.4

4 Selenium 6.5s & 4 Selenium 8s

4 Selenium Super Tweeter st350s

72 SQ Ft Of Stinger Roadkill Expert

Alpine CDA 9887

XS Power d3400(Hood),6 XS Power d3100s(Bed)

& much more.....

2011 Meca CA State Champion & State Record Holder In M5

Meca SPL:158.2

Meca P&P:137.4

DB Drag:159.1



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nothing wrong with losing to a 155 lol. did she build it or pay for it?

If I answered you in a well mannered, informative way, you asked a good question or had a good attitude. If I was an asshole, you asked a stupid question or you had a fucktard attitude... or I was in a bad mood.

Team BassickHU: Pioneer AVIC Z110Front: Peerless SLS 6.5", Peerless HDS 4", Rainbow tweeter - running activeAmp: JL HD600/4 and DC 4 channel (bridged to midbass)Processor: JBL MS-8Subs: 2x 12" AA MayhemsAmp: DC 3kElectrical: DC power 270xp alt. 1/0 big 4. XSpower D3400 and six D680s.


Top career scores: DBdrag 151.7 MECA SQ 82.25My SOTM build

Yeah. im pretty sure they dont warranty retarded people.

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What skittles said. Definitely a beast system though. My girlfriend has one lvl4 15 and now she wants another lol.


baaudio Build Log

2001 GMC Sierra walkthrough

4 Mechman Elite 370s, 10 AGM batteries, 3 Crossfire XS v2 18s, Crossfire 8k

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good for her


2005 Dodge Magnum RT

2 PPI S580.2

Obsidian Audio ST1 Horn Tweeters

PRV 8MB450s

Audio Legion 3500.1D

2 RE MT 18s

360 ah LiFePO4 Battery
SHCA 2/0

155.2 @ 29 hz

Kicker CVR 15's build
DD 3512e build
Mini T-Line Build
(6) 8s Build
Nightshade 15s Wall Build
Magnum AB XFL 12s Build
Newest Magnum Build

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That's hot.

Big 3 with 1/0 welding cable, dual runs of 1/0 and 2gua F-R

DD 2512 D2 powered by Audioque 1200d at 1ohm, 2.5ft^3 ported to 36Hz

Boston SX 6.0 comps powered by Phoenix Gold M50 for front stage

Silver Flute 8" midbass in doors powered by Alpine 3539

Alpine CDA-117 HU

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"i do my own hairtricks"

any info on whats in there?

it has 4 HDC318s with one AQ 3500.1D box tuned to 36hz dose 155db at 30hz, 3300watts subs at ,5ohms box rise to 1.5, alpine head unit rockford 600-4 (mid-highs) two XSpower D3100s This video was shot before upgrade it now has two AQ3500.1Ds straped and five XSpower D3100s with more on the way.

I really don't see anyone fitting 4 18s in that thing sealed unless it's entirely too small. They couldn't be getting more than 5 cubes per sub and even then that's no displacement from subs or especially port. I just don't see how they couldn't be choked out...you have pics for proof? I doubt seeing 4 18s even flat walled there...height wise I don't see anyway it could be tall enough. I doubt it but it may be possible, so pics or Shens please. :)

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