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Nice, any pics of the system/ car?!?! I have a '97 Grand Prix...

Pontiac Grand Prix GT
400a Mean Machine alt.

EIGHT DD 12''s on a DDz2
DD vo 8''s,6''s,5.25''s&tweets
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I really don't see anyone fitting 4 18s in that thing sealed unless it's entirely too small. They couldn't be getting more than 5 cubes per sub and even then that's no displacement from subs or especially port. I just don't see how they couldn't be choked out...you have pics for proof? I doubt seeing 4 18s even flat walled there...height wise I don't see anyway it could be tall enough. I doubt it but it may be possible, so pics or Shens please. :)

here is another video of the grand prix it shows the subs more and box is 29 cube with port http://youtu.be/PkZJoM0yaLE if you really want pics I guess a could get out the tape measure and shot some pics :)

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thats so gangsta when you Can ht yourself !

4 I.A. Warden 15s

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