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What if someone messes with my truck?

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Nobody messes with your car if you tell them straight up from day one not to fuck with it, lean on it, write messages into the dirt on it.... At least they didn't fuck with my car.

And if someone does key it, make sure they don't do a halfass job.

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like mentioned, dont bragg about your stuff/show off or act like HOT SHT

b/c next time that thing is parked somewhere, someone will mess with it

get a two way alarm and def full coverage

watch where you park it

i like the truck, nice and clean. there will always be a "what if?" but just gotta live with it :pardon:

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if they do anything beat their ass. if you have to mess with someone for whatever reason, do not touch their car. i did something really funny to one kid and he keyed my car for it (he almost got a brick through his back window for that). but lesson dont fuck with other people or especially their cars

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As previously stated alarm. Very nice truck just dotnt show it off most people will leave it alone at school. He'll I live in Vegas home of Dick heads moons touches me or my buddies rides because we don't show off and act like big shots

Oh and get a bad ass friend to park with if all else fails haha

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My current Set up

Car less :(

I Do Ported Box designs/cutsheets with 3d google sketchup model just PM

i would really want an in-depth guide

Just flip the fucking thing over

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i used to be like u back in high school thinking damm where should i park my car i dont people hating or watever so maybe i should park it far away from school in a quiet neighborhood then i thought no then thats a better chance for someone to get away with it then i thought if i park it right infront of school them everyone is going to see it but its going to be safer so i started taking it and to my surprise no one really payed attention to it then they got used to seeing it there more and more and i got more confident about taking my car ... but dude if they really want ur truck or do harm they will do it there is no way to prevent it there is always going to be haters and people wishing they had ur truck the only way to keep it safe is too garage it and never take it out ..but thats not what cars are made for ...so any ways maay i ask how much did it cost??


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