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Black these lights out? Yay or Nay?

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Should I black out my front turn signals? I think it'd look good but I'm not gonna catch shit from it from the police am I? Mainly I'm just curious if it'll look good on the truck?

2012 Ford Ranger:

Build comming soon!

  • Kenwood DNX-6160
  • DC 175.4
  • 2 sets of O2 AR63 3-way Comps

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As long as the lights are still visible, you rarely have issues! But I recommend more of a deep smoke look rather than fully black. A way to achieve this is mixing (dupont) 805 black tinting into clear coat! You can use a good amount say 1/8 cup and mix thoroughly. Apply light coats until you have receive desired darkness.

I would also recommend staying away from the VHT Tinting products, if not used correctly, lights will be too dark and then you will have issues.

With tinting clear coat, the lights will still be plenty transparent. You can also use the same method for headlights.

These are my taillights using this method!



Pioneer AVH480

Zapco ST5XII amplifier

Stevens Audio 6.5" components (passive)

Onyx Subwoofer

Sky High OFC wiring

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Sum Times it looks funny with just the headlights clear.

Is put a little tint on the head lights to help the transition between the dark corners next to it


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