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The Big Oki

Old video in new upload. My visit at Steves House from 2008..."The Sunday Meading"

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Hey guys,

I am still alive. Who would have thought of that! :)

Its always busy here and I have so much to do during the season

to take care of others (doing competitons as host and so on)

that I have no time for my self. I apologize!

So here I finally was able to upload the higher resolution/quality video of

my visit from 2008 when I came by to see Steve and some folks of you.

I know theres the usual drama with people bitching about this and that

at youtube, but thats the way to go when showing that kind of stuff :)

I FILMED it for sure in HD but didnt edit it. It just DVD resolution, what is way ok.

Dont know if its better if Steve yould upload to his account, bc people dont know me so much.

But I think the people who appreciate the video, will get it from anywhere. I still like

to remember these short time and it was fun. Miss to go out there and travel through the states

and do little reports about this and that of the car audio world. Who knows when it happens again.

blablabla, I know, here is the link, enjoy old stuff with less distortion in the picture LOL:

PS.: I was in a german TV show recently together with some other guys from our

db drag scene. Filmed almost 18 months ago and just 2 times 4 minutes.

I did a little making of but everything is in german. I MAY think about doing

a real short version with english subtitles where I "correct" some things

what were spoken out "wrong". But its just details. The report itself

came out nice, but waaay too short. Please be patient while waiting for the subtitled video!

Its so much work to edit these lines in...

Maybe I can arrange something to re-cut it again and have more footage of our crazy doings.

I will let you know. So far, if you dont know it already, here is the german version:



Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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its still in 480p :peepwall::pardon:


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Haha, Steve, yes, thanks to youtube.

Mayby I convert/upscale it into 720 and THEN its in native 576 but people

wont complain about it anymore... LOL

BTW, I wasnt away here. I read EVERY day in the SMD forum and

my browser is adjusted to open the side also together with all the

other "main sides" I use and read everyday :)

So I know whats going on here haha.

Well, not in all sections of course...

This forum and community became so big man.

Its a huge success and I am proud to be, even a very small, part of it.


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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