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Dwright27 will take your money and run

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N8/mods Dont send me on a vacation for posting this but...... THIS ISSUE IS BETWEEN dwright27 & Bre2ts and no one else so please stop bashing and saying "i would of done this and that" or what ever.

That is all / *small*rant

Again N8 and MODS dont send me on a vaca i just felt i needed to say something :shrug:



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This is my last post because I just saw that your a 21 tear old kid that probably still stays at home with mommy and daddy.This is whats wrong with society now.All you kids out here living beyond your means trying to keep up with everybody else.If you having a

problem paying back $400 then you should rethink your priorities.Now you have a great life and please try not to SCAM ANYONE ELSE.

Actually no, I don't live at home. Have my own bills just like you. So what you're telling be is if you buy product for someone, and you don't have that extra money laying around, you're gonna put you're family eating for the week, or having electricity 2nd? If you say you will you're a liar and aren't very smart.

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That 96 guy was dealt with accordingly so all should be good... Do your best to fix the issue Dustin which i am sure that you are

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Guys I want to make it clear that this wasn't intended to be a bash thread I just wanted to let everyone know my feedback on the situation. I am in no way saying that Dustin as a person is a bad one but in this situation things got messed up.

And yes Dustin and I had great communication almost through out the whole thing up until the last month. Which is when my patience ran out and no excuse to me was going to be good enough. Dustin said I should be receiving my refund today(this afternoon at some point) now that Cody has purchased some of his equipment.

I will update the thread if/when the situation is or is not resolved. Until please respect the mods wishes and not post in here. They are correct this is between Dustin and I.

AGAIN this was NOT intended to be a BASH thread but an INFORMATIVE one. No where through out this whole thing did either of us resort to name calling or insults, please do the same its not going to make anything better or fix anything so dont do this.



Edited by bre2ts

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Locked o.p. contact a mod/admin when results are in.

also pinned it so it doesnt get burried.

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