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What do you look forward to?

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more fiberglass

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I look forward to xmas and my kids b-days anyone who has kids knows the joy of watching your kids get what they want and then some. And finishing my 1st build to actually compete on a big level. :drinks:

I wish every body had beat so I wouldnt have to turn my shit down. Fosgate for life running there shit since I was 16 going on 15 years strong. Not stopping any time soon.

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Giving demos of my finished wall. Finishing my wall lol 25+hrs work and $150 and it's done :P

Greens in the morning

College. More fun now than it was in my twenties.

2009 BMW 550i

ES mini horns

Ampere audio

Peavey/Eminence mids and subs.

Under construction. . .

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Tax time (actually get some back this year), Hearing the pay offer in January for my freshman intenship...maybe 150db's depending on said offer lol.

"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -- (Thomas Jefferson)

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Cool weather.

New/another car.

staring school.

3 paid weeks off in december/jan

work christmas party.

you can cook bacon shirtless if you're not a pussy...lol

not hatin, but am i wrong here it looks as if the amp is not grounded its hooked directly to the battery. it that the way it should be.



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My final grades this semester, thanksgiving/christmas break, and tearing my wall out to rebuild in the near future

1986 C20 Suburban

9 American Bass XFL 15's


14v XS Power Batteries

Maxwell Caps

Acoustical energy is free. Electrical energy is not

you havent lived until you've hit a screw with a router.

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