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Should I do a sleeper blow through?

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Ok well quick update kinda....As a few already know I work for a mid sized retail electronics chain during the week. Well we recently got a new manager for our car audio division and well he's a decent dude but doesn't spend the time he should researching any other companies that just the ones we carry. Now with that said he came to me the other day wanting some ideas to help drive sales in our area. First thing I blurt out is demo vehicle and holy shit but the man thinks it's a good idea. I had to come up with 3 different options and the truck was 1 of them but it lost out. so this build will have to wait until summer. But the good news is well kinda good news I will be getting free subs for this build, Don't get me wrong I'm excited as all hell to get free stuff but what he could get are 10 Polk Audio DB10's. They have a 270 rms rating so after a few days of deliberation and drawing box specs on napkins I've decided to add 10 more out of my pocket. Also I'll be adding 2 more polk 1200.1's. Now they are the single 4ohm versions so with 5 subs on 4 amps I'll have a .8 load before rise. Now I have already decided to build this enclosure to handle much beefier subs in the future. Anyways I will be starting a new build thread for the ole retail hell explorer and the ole truck is going on the back burner for a bit.

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