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so the players and the owners reached a tentative agreement..any thoughts on it? i personally think it was all dumb to begin with.. youre being paid millions to play a sport you love.. they really dont have it that bad lol

This isn't teeball. YOU DO NOT GET A TROPHY JUST BECAUSE YOU SHOW UP. Put the work in and then maybe get the respect when it has been earned

151.6 with single 12 at 41 hz

153.2 with 2 12's at 43 hz

power: dd m4

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seriously i loved to get payed millions just to play bball.

Jeep Cherokee 4dr -4.75 in front, new rusty's 4.5 in rear leafs -micky thompson 35x14.50x15 -locker rear -Rusty's offroad Engine/transmission/transfer case/crossmember/gas tank skid plates -Warn front bumper with 8000lb winch -Custom rear bumper -Warrior product tube doors (summertime) -Optima redtop (starter) -26XK miles and still runs like a bat out of hell

Kenwood H/U

1/0 wire,

136 amp alt 200 ah batteries 12.7 daily

2 Apsm 1500 @ 2 ohm strapped on zv3 d1 with ns softparts

Mb quart 125.4 wired to 4 aura 6's

3.6 cube box tuned to 36 plays down to 23hz

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90 million dollar contract for 3 years sometimes just isn't enough



"98crewcab"Never a POS....just always "a work in progress" lol that's how we roll bitches!!!

Your a lowlife kid. I bet your mother wants to kill herself for not swallowing your ass.

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wait huh? lock what? or no nba sorry i was to busy watchin nfl to notice



-2005 Ford Mustang (Legand Lime)


-Pioneer avh 3200dvd


2 AQ 3500d.1s strapped 1ohm daily .25burps

1Sundown Audio 100.4

1 Sundown Audio 125.2


4 AQ HDC'4s 12's

Mids and highs

4 Sundown Neo Pro 8s

2 AQ Super Tweeters


Mechman 270 unit

1 D3400

2 D3100's


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The NBA lockout has really turned me off about the sport, I prefer college basketball over the pros. So to say the least I could give a shit less about the NBA

2011 Mitsubishi Outlander
Sony 712

Soundqubed HDS208

Alpine MRV-M500

Transmission line enclosure

Soundqubed wiring

Knu rca

XS Power battery

CNF terminals

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the players could have asked for cheaper seats for fans cheaper jerseys but no they ask for more money, money that will come out of our pockets later since stuff will go up because of it

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maybe if they went to college or learned some money management skills they wouldnt have an issue with living off 25 million for life.


1998 Chevy Silverado ext cab

Alpine CDA-9887

4 Team Fi 15s

2 Ampere Audio TFE 8.0

2 Ampere Audio 150.4

3 Digital Designs CS6.5 component sets

Dual Mechman 370XP Elite alternators inbound!

8 XS Power d3400

6 XS power d680

Second Skin


Tsunami Wiring

Sky High

A Real Voltmeter not a piece of shit stinger.

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