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My bass makes my car think its in an accident


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I would say get a brand new switch. Yours is aged and may trip easier than it should.

I got the same switch but in the driver side kick. I tripped it once when I hit the panel into place, took hours to figure out why the car wouldn't start :pardon:

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yeah, you could hard wire it, but it would be dangerous if you ever did get into an accident....

at least you know it works! lol

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Just do what the video says. Hard wire it and call it a day. This is Ford's way of covering their asses from another Ford pinto problem lol

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looks like tony montana sneezed in your car.



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No problem.

You might want to check out the Grand Marquis/Crown Vic forums and see if there is a fuel pump cutoff bypass.... Comments on the vid saying to cover it in superglue so it doesn't pop NOT A GOOD IDEA lol. There might be a safe way to bypass it on those forums.

i checked some vic forums but they dont seem to big on aftermarket upgrades..lol and yea super glue is not an option..lol

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Is that switch also a sensor? Maybe some deadening around the device to shield it from the sub vibrations or relocating it.

thats what i was thinking putting a layer or two of some stinger roadkill that i have left over and cover it..kinda cut down the vibrations but i might try that hardwire thing next if the deadner doesnt work

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