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From now on, please run your giveaway, contest etc idea's past me, n8ball, or chode before posting about it.

I don't mind if you would like to give something to the people, no strings attached.....or even a little contest like "purplehaze" did (guess his SPL score for an amp). That one was TOTALLY based on fun and not promoting anything. If you are running a contest and the goal is to get yourself youtube subscribers, facebook fans, likes or anything like that, then it is NOT allowed. That is unless you are a vendor or a partner of the site. The "advertise" button is up top if you would like info.

If you feel the need to "give back" to the forum, we appreciate that! Just dont do it in the name of promoting your own site or channel. I dont see a problem with a contest based on getting more members and traffic HERE but you will still need request permission or it will be deleted.

From now on, If you put up a contest, and it disappears, that means it wasn't approved or you didn't run it past one of us first.

now before you guys get all pissed off, and think im a d*ck..... let me tell you that you wouldn't get to do this on any other site either (any site that is worth a damn anyway). Some forums i frequent, i cant even post youtube video's JUST BECAUSE IT SAYS "" in teh watermark.

thank you for your kind understanding! :drinks:

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