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Problems Finding Where To Run Power Wire

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Anybody ever did anything to Santa Fe's? First time I cracked the hood open it looked like a transformers heart. Amid all the plastic covers I did manage to find a couple grommets, but failed to find the inlets. This will be by far the biggest pain in the ass install I've done. (and I've had to remove an entire wheel well to run a power wire before)

Drilling is the very last option here, It's my mothers car. she likes her bass and has already blown both door speakers (but I think I can figure them out easily enough)

I'm all about clean installs and don't mind doing it the hard way to keep things clean.

Thanks in advance

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what year santa fe? did you look on both sides of the firewall?

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I would go under the car like brandon rcm said.

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I would go under the car like brandon rcm said.

either this or what stang said

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Why would you EVER WANT flex?
huh?...flex is what can make the lows lower and more air being pushed correct?

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