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does anyone know a thing bout quantum audio

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can any one tell me how good quantum audio is cause im thinkin bout gettin a audio system from em and could u recomend a set of subs and a amp that will match


2000 dodge dakota sport

two dc lvl 4 15s with xl recones and and extra spider pack

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There amps are garbage they make no where close to rated power, some off there subs were not that bad though. We sold there stuff for like a month and dumped the line pretty quickly.

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low end audio. I wouldnt say its garbage because i would run them over alot of other low end brands but they aint the best by far. If you pay attention to the fuse rating on the amps and go off that then you able to find a OK amp for cheap

- 1998 Ford Mustang -

Time to rebuild.

4 15s and alot of power


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The older amps are great.. like the solar series.. the newer qb1500 isn't that bad.. but like the other guy said they don't do rated power.. now on the sub side.. if you can find some of the cosmik or spl version.. there good subs..

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quantum is a brand the local shop here run next to jl audio there pro audio 6s and 8s is worth the money there qpro3500 will makes some mids and highs scream its only a 1000 true watts there qa4000d is only 2000 watts at 1 ohm but on the tough side it can play at .75 ohms without breaking a sweat i done experimented with alot of quantum there 2500 watt subs is really only 1000 watts peak

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my buddy has one of the 12's it gets stinky abit but he hasn't fried it yet, its one of the full face dust cap models, heres when we stuck it in my jeep

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You guys act like you have never clogged a toilet and ran around the bathroom frantically hoping it don't overflow.

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