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What do they look for in getting a job in there shops?

Any pointers?

Any certain region you can specially work in?

or do you got to be able to do it all?

"if YOU owned a shop" what would you look for in a worker?

Any pre-cautions should be taken?

How hard of a business is it to get into?

if anyone can answer these questions and conversate with me about them i would be extremely happy and thankful.

because if i could have any job this would be the job i would want , but i have been very skeptical about trying to get into it....

so help me!

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anyone got any pointers on the MECP Test?

for example i can tell you if you take a "basic carpenters exam" know your nails and nail sizes , tools , roof pitch , headers , lumber ( actual size ) , and cuts( cuts with saw and green cut etc etc )

and different nailing style like ( toe nailing face nailing ) etc etc.

like that ^ but with MECP.

ALSO To anyone who has studied and taken MECP exams did you learn a lot from it?

i think its every 2 years to renew by the way

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Many shops dont care about a test such as MECP.

Anyone can read a book, and take a test, and still not know how to build a box properly or wire a radio...

There is a member on this site that is mecp certified and works for a bestbuy, but makes a post about how to make a port and tune it..... That shows you how good the mecp certification is...

The shop will care more about hands on experience that you have, builds you have previously done, some sort of portfolio may be a good idea.

I think the whole MECP thing is the wrong way to get started in this field. All it will do is give you a bigger ego because your licensed and you really dont know anything. A shop will want to mold and build you the way they want you to work and do things, if anything you can always get your first certs after being a installer for a couple years..

And their is more then 1 mecp test, they can get expensive depending how far you take it.



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what if your young and do not got a portfolio cause your experienced just not in a shop?

like i have done cars around the neighborhood ( like friends ) and kids from school and come of them i took lots of pics of

but my truck is truly the only thing i got to show for what i can do audio wise.

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im planning on taking pics of what i did and am doing, and putting together my own lil personal portfolio. i used to build boxes with a manager at best buy and fiberglass with him.imma have him wite me a letter of recommendation and bring ion my portfolio.

Lucky Durango

Sony hu

4 croosfire 6.5mids

crossfire 600.1 mono amp

American bass 1280.4 mids and highs amp

aq hdc3 12

2.4 cube net box, tuned to 34 and 14.4 inches of port per cube

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