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SuperStart AGM

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These batteries any good. I think I read on here somewhere these were made by Deka which is supposed to be good?

I have about $150 for a new underhood battery and I am leaning towards this one.

There's a place for Kinetik 1800's for not a ton more, but if this is sufficient, then I'd rather do it local and save on shipping ect. I live in KC so I have access to most major auto parts joints. If there's a better suggestion for a comparable price, please feel free to link it! I compared this one to the Optima Yellow top and it beats in about every category.


This is the direct replacement for my battery.

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They are good batteries. I work for oreillys corp office. They are deka batteries. I had 6 of them in my hatchback and never had any issues with them. Plus oreillys is pretty good about honoring warranties...

Audi S4


DC Soundlab

looking for wire sponsor :) 



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Deka's the good ones right? How does this compare numbers wise to the Kinetik? I haven't found anywhere the Kinetiks numbers are available online for comparison.

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Its an awesome battery!

Carquest has a rebadged Deka battery called a NGT Xtreme (I think) and Sear just started getting DieHard Gold AGM's same as the Deka's too.

All of them have pretty good warranties on there batteries.

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