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Best Hangover Cure CHIME IN!

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Do NOT eat apples! Too high in sugar and will give you a sugar high and you'll feel TERRIBLE. If your going to eat something, you want it high in potassium and low in sugars such as a banana. Its easy to eat when your hungover, and they taste good anyways.

Just sip on water through out the night. Its not too difficult to manage, just have it by your side. Say to yourself "if i dont drink this shit, tomorrow will be a write off". You'll be chugging.

Something i always do is stomach as much water as i can before i sleep as well. I wake up, take the biggest piss of life and im good after!

Learning alot more from college than just how to be an engineer :drinks:

Cheers to the new year!


PS "duff_thrust" is absolutly incorrect in stating that drinking water while you drink will have no effect on your hangover. It absolutely will! It will rehydrate you through out the night from what you've already consumed. I'm speaking from experience. It HELPS!

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18g needle in the AC with IV fluids running wide open, will kill the buzz MUCH FASTER ;) I had to make a few stops at my station on off shifts to get the fix .. :) Works, and works VERY VERY WELL, But most wont have the resources, but if you know someone that can do this, you will be good to go

I love my staffie :good:

So anti FACEBOOK it isn't even funny

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