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DCaudio Van + my GF = HAIRTRICK TIME

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Refs-(b.f.) 99vic, WCA Rusty(x3) [email protected], Ampjunkielikeme, Bread0710, AmiCreations (s.t.) REsLaPz, PandaGT(x2), Keiferacing, Juicemane (t.w.) Powski, Big gil[/center]

Build Log


2005 subi STi 380whp 355whp

17" gold bbs

5% tint all around w/sunglare strip

JVC dvd double din

Knuconceptz 4ga wiring

XS Power!

Big 3

8" SAv2 d2

1800 audiopipe

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wow that was crazy She handle it like a boss :good:

Build Under Construction

Head Unit = Kenwood DDX514

Amps = Kicker 750.1, Going to install Sundown 1500D v3 and Sundown 125.4

Battery = XS D3400

Wires = Kicker RCA's, 0 Gauge street wire and Stinger

Mids and Highs = Stock

Sub= Kicker L7 12"

Alternator = 220 Mechman

Sound Deadner= Fatmat and Stinger Road Kill

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powerrrrrrrr... :woot:

Buyer/Seller Feedback Thread: http://www.stevemead...5015-bump4life/
MB C220 153 Trunk Car Build Log: http://www.stevemead...d/#entry1840136
MB C280 Ipad Dash SQ Build Log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/194484-bump4lifes-new-benz-tony-c-relay-kit-pictures-ce-electric-audison-front-stage-installed/
My SPL Log: http://www.stevemead...__fromsearch__1

Mercedes Benz AMG C43
Highs/Mid Highs/Mid-Bass
Best Scores out of a trunk
153.0 sealed legal full tilt clamped 5524 @ 42 hz
154+ windows down, 155+ kick

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insane ...most only dream of haveing a set up that loud and some of us are there or will get there i hope i can do close to that and ill be happy...lol :woot::good:

1995 Honda passport 3.2 4x4 Frankenstein on a budget

ballistics sound deader (roof only so far)

kenwood mp3 usb

audio control 3 (upgrading)

hifonics mx-3

3 sets of massive px5 5.25s

3 sets of massive tweets

phonix gold 5.25 componets

x2 massive nx4 nano 200x4 mids

sony xplod 600x4 watt high's

2 Fi bl fully loaded box walled @31ish hz

13.2 cube box/wall

massive DB8000

Excessive amaperge 250 amp alt wir extrnl regulator

daul runs of xs power xpflex 0 gauge

big 3

raptor 0 gauge power/ground wire full run

suriken 45 amp hour x3 shriken bt-120 batts,interstate 1100CA semi batt

scytek galaxy 2way alarm

still upgradeing!

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that right there is the definition of getting your wig blowed back!!! and that dc emblem on the grill is so sexy :good: :good:

REST IN PARADISE BIG RICH (Sqmonte) never forgotten

Why do you guys ALWAYS dispute on NUMBERS?????

It's such a played out argument, so fucking annoying....

It's 12 fuckin 15's.... It's louder than you... Shut the fuck up...



I'm so jealous, it makes me want to club baby seals. That shit gets down HARD!

dont buy from knowledge he will scam you.


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added a litle video editing to it =]

nice edit! man the only way i can describe this thing as that it HURTS! but in a good way ;) can't wait for more vids 90% of the people will want to bail so dont fix that door rusty i just think the vids of people trying to bail and can't will be epic

again ive sat in many 160 cars this thing is in a class all its own still very impressed

Have you ever had your woofers blown?

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Damn !! That's Brutal !!!!

Kenwood KDC-BT33

Sundown Audio SAE-100.4  -  4 Crescendo Audio SC-650s     

Sundown Audio SCV-6000D  @  (.5 ohm)   -   2 DC Audio LVL5 M5 Elite 15s (d2)

6.45 ft Box ( Net ) tuned to 30 Hz  -   (  APM - 2  = 151.2 db  )


2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer LS 4WD

Brand X 390 Alternator - XS Power PSC30 

XS Power D3400  (front)  -  3 XS Power D3100s  (rear)


Knukoncepts Kolossus Flex 1/0  -  SMD Meters  -  SMD Fuse Holders

Sky High Copper Battery Terminals  -  Amp Lab RPMC v2 

SPL Cartel Bass Knob  -  Toolmaker Copper Amp Inputs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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