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Hipster Orchestra - 4 strings & an 808

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^ Hahahaha

But none the less, that was pretty cool.

are you making fun of me? <_<

No I meant to direct that at teamht but im on mobile so its slow. Sorry for the confusion.

oh ok yeah that was funny i skimmed over it thx for clarifactaion

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great transitions between songs. i dig it.


2001 chevy cavalier

Rebuild in progress

what happens when your CD player skips and you accidentally drop a 22 hz sine bomb at an unholy volume on 7-8 year old subs? Mechanical failure floppy sub knockage on at least 2.

well...as i see the level 6 is compared to a lamborghini.....but a corvette?

i was thinking more like a chevy volt. its cute and new and "hip", but i would just rather stick my dick in a blender.........

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