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help with dj system bass?

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folded horns get louder due to space, i dunno how a 4th order would sound in a big area, buddy of mine had some b&w 3ways with 18's and u could feel the "midbass" like 2-300ft away

something like this http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=246-406

most pa drivers do there best in the right box, and they dont need extreme xmax to acheve this either, dudes 3ways where getting 150w if that and was loud as hell, and 18'' hardly moved

depends if inside or outside, but inside a good slot ported box will work, outside a folded horn does better

heres a video of what im talking about

hope this helps

here's a link to my system 99 toyota tacoma , 2 mtx 8000 1504's in a sealed downfire , 1000w memphis amp

here's a link to my other system my 90 geo prizm test car

heres a thread i got of new songs u can dl that are legal = Some Good Bangage/you Can Dl These Free And Legit


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