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Street Slappa Comes out to DC, Gets a Lv4m2 and a demo =]

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Rusty your a beast giving out those 159 demos...... ill sit in there with earplugs lol... my lil 155 hurts so I know 59 will make me def


VEHICLE:98 chevy tahoe 2wd 3-4 drop

HEADUNIT:alpine 9886


FRONT STAGE:4-6 1/2s selinium,DD component set and 4-selinium tweeters in each door

KICKPANELS:jl audio 5 1/4

REAR DOORS: dd components 6 1/2s

HIGHS AMPS:zapco 750.2 on front doors,zapco an another 750.2 on kicks and rear doors

SUBS:4-ascendant audio 18s with 5 spiders in a custom box built by KINGSUV

SUB AMP: 2-dc7.5s

ALTERNATORS: 3-mechmans 1- 425comp, 1-smd spec350, 1-270 with adj voltage harness on custom dc bracket

WIRE:10-runs 0g front to back


TL results:157.1 at 38hz and 156.8 at headrest score @37hz. STATE AND NATIONAL RECORD IN MECA S5.

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WHAT HAPPENED!!!! that sir made me lmao!!! =} good sh!t. I'll be out that way in Aug... Gunna have to stop by and check this beast out!! DC FTW


1999 Tahoe

HU-Clarion flip out

& Clarion EQS746

Mids/Highs Amp-MB QUART ONX4.125

Mids/Highs- Undecided

Sub Amp-DC Audio 7.5

Subs-4x DC Audio xl 18s

Alt- 270sp & 250sp Dc Power

Big 3 1/0


SPL-LAB sells rep. for IOWA


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-___- haha thanks rusty for the demo man enjoyed chillin with you and rob :)

Swear though it felt like someone was like punching my throat and chest ha! Cant wait to install my 10" 4m2 that i picked up :D

Refs-(b.f.) 99vic, WCA Rusty(x3) [email protected], Ampjunkielikeme, Bread0710, AmiCreations (s.t.) REsLaPz, PandaGT(x2), Keiferacing, Juicemane (t.w.) Powski, Big gil[/center]

Build Log


2005 subi STi 380whp 355whp

17" gold bbs

5% tint all around w/sunglare strip

JVC dvd double din

Knuconceptz 4ga wiring

XS Power!

Big 3

8" SAv2 d2

1800 audiopipe

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Damn that was sick lol. ain't no shame in tappin out when it's slappin that hard

Headunit - Alpine 9857

Mids & Highs - T165,T1692

Mids & Highs Amp - T400-4

Subs - 2 12" DC Audio Level 3 M2s

Sub Amp - T1500-1bdcp

Alternator - MechMan 220a

Wiring - 1/0ga XS Power

Batteries - 2 Optima Yellow Tops

Read the fucking manual. Jesus Christ.

I dunno about that Steve...

Chuck Norris doesnt even do push-ups, he just pushes the earth down.

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Damn I gotta move out west! You guys have all the fun! You too Rob!

Damn I want a demo...

Shit looks wicked loud! What song is that by the way?

Kickin' Cruiser

Seller Feedback

Stage 3
Dash, Door Panels,
4th Order wall 4 - 15's
on a DC 5.0K 2 DC 5.0K's

Solo X 15 (v.2) Sub Build

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