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Turn-On Relay Kits . . . by popular demand!

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Then it is not a problem with the amplifier or the LED. It sounds like you have some residual voltage on the turn-on output keeping the LED lit. I have seen this before. This can be the result of some component backfeeding voltage into the turn-on circuit. In some cases, it will even keep the radio ON after it is turned off. This is a job for your digital multi-meter.

it reads 0.05 on the meter

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.05 VDC is not enough to keep an LED on - that requires a minimum of .7 VDC to turn it on. Really without seeing it first hand, I can't say what is keeping the LED lit. If you have multiple components all tied to the romote output, you may disconnect them one at a time until the LED goes out to narrow down your search.

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If i purchase this relay kit would it be able to support my amp + 2 - 4 small fans

Fans i would be interested in purchasing


currently i have my 4 channel amp and stinger volt meter hooked up to the REM on my deck. Soon my mono block amp which is on a toggle switch. i feel like it might draw too much and not turn on everything.

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