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Just got word that one of my teachers (of whom I am good friends with) has some sort of cancer growing around his spinal cord.

No news on what it is yet, or if it is treatable, but it doesn't look likely that he will make it through the rest of the year...

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Sorry to hear this man. It's really weird, but teachers are the last person you'd think you would have any feelings towards. I went through the same thing during my middle school years. I lost my favorite science teacher from a heart attack after his gastric bypass surgery (He was obese). Even though half the class said they didn't like him, when we got the news EVERYONE'S disposition changed for the rest of the year. It was really startling news because it happened suddenly. I can totally relate.

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Sorry to hear.


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sorry to to hear that i know it you feel my teacher in 10th that taught adobe photo shop died at 39 from a heart attack i was really upset

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Seems like cancer will get the best of all of us someday. My next door neighbors both died from cancer, one went extremely fast. Diagnosed one day, less than a month later was 6 feet underground. Never under estimate it...


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he should get tested on one of these radiation machines we make at my work

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That sucks bro, i hope everything turns out for the better. Our principal passed last year due to some type of cancer.. the last everyone seen of him was when he visited to school one last time from an ambulance. Everyone acted like they didn't care.. i didn't really know the guy as it was only my 2nd year there and he was gone half that year due to sickness. Plus i don't talk to the principal, as like cops, most the time you talk to them it's because you are in trouble lol. but it was still kinda sad for awhile..

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