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Nitrous installed in the Lexus ISF (DYNO numbers Page 6)

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if it does mid 12's stock, then with the air intake, exhaust, and NOS, i dont see how 11's would be impossible. def lookin forward to those dyno numbers! and that vid.

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That thing is going to eat people nearby cars, unsecured objects, and small children


wow nice. i wanted nos on my car but the gf said no. i was just gunna do a 50 shot tho haha

Get a new girlfriend.
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Guest DC Power Kyle

We got N.O.S.!!! I hijacked 2 posts on page 1 to make room for more pics.....sorry bout that!

we just did a 75 shot for now. Tomorrow i get up on the Dyno and see if we can do a 100 shot safely and also get some numbers :D Over all, Gearhead Garage did a FUCKING OUTSTANDING job on everything. Not just because they did the work and got it done but because it was done so meticulously and professionally. You cant hardly see where any of the wiring was, it all blends in with the engine compartment nicely. Anyway, go check out the pics, i have a headache and i am tired so video will have to be tomorrow when i wake up.

I'm on my way up there to go drive that bish now. :P

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said F it and made a 30 second video of me doing a fly-by. I will do the install video tomorrow. Anyone wanna see it?

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lets see it

Clip city bitch, clip clip city bitch. 10's, 12's, 15's, goin up in flames bitch.

TaylorFade, on 02 Jul 2013 - 9:38 PM, said:

Go back to that place, ask to speak to that dude again, look him dead in the eye and then.... pop him in the snot box.

Tell him T-Fade sent you.

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All of the vid now please :), ISF is looking sweet Meade. I think the next step is LFA? Lol jk although that would be sick. ISF is really looking great tho.

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