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9 Volt Voltage Drop!

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All connections are tight

2 batterys

big three done with 4 guage

amp is hifonics 2k (1500ish rms)

stock 110A alternator

whats my problem?

yes i understand this drop is clipping the hell out of my amp and subs im trying to find a solution

voltage goes haywire when subs are on buy when just headunit is on i drop about .5 volts
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with no extra batteries you shouldnt drop that low.

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use a DDM at the battery when trying this not that volt meter than post results

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Dead alt,

use 0ga wire,

bad batteries,

What is the max volume on your headunit? I saw it go up all the way to 55 in the video.

You are trying to get WAY more power from your amp than it can realistically put out. If you dont have a DD1, you should invest in 1.

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what type of batteries are you running , and you should have used 1/0 for the big 3.,

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Ur alternator is probably toast dude, and only 1 run of 4 gauge probably isn't enuff I'd upgrade to 1/0 man!

Go to auto zone, they check out ur alt and test ur batt and alt for fweeee!

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Fuck warning points.

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how are you dropping that much? i have no big three or anything and i'm running one ohm and only dropping to 12.3 volts from 13.6, prehaps run some 0 gauge to help with current?

or maybie a bad ground since that can screw with the voltage

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You guys act like you have never clogged a toilet and ran around the bathroom frantically hoping it don't overflow.

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if you are in the nines your car should either stall out or be very close to it.


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