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Semis who go 65.5 mph while passing a semi going 65.4 mph...........seriously.

Build In Progress for Slamology 2013

3 m1xl 18s walled in a gti

1 5k

4 batts

audio technix 1/0

8 cheap r/f 6.5s

mb quart 4.60

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People that 'one-up' you about everything under the sun.

I used to a know a guy like this

stupid kid...

Just say no to Ground Pounder Customs.

More box builds

some cars do over 170db with one sub, so clearly my two 12"s can do that in my car, with my knowledge too! look out bitches!

I'm with captain stupid.

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Car audio shop guys who are stuck on one brand and won't listen to anything you have to say about any other brand that they don't sell

Bose = Buy other sound equipment.

i love the rattle it's the best part! i need louder cheap amp any ideas?
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