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In the typical 5 o' clock traffic jam you get the assholes who try to cut up the shoulder. I wont let them get back in the lanes but when I see the dumbshits letting them in front of me I get pissed.

And the fact more than one person agrees does not make it a circle jerk, it makes it a bukkake scene and you're in the middle ;)

Chick took 3 shots of Jager, and then, pissed in my mouth..

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Good reason right there to own a gun.

Even if there was a plethora of units what is the average response time? Its not like you call and they show up immediately. Hell I called 911 one time in my life when I saw a pretty bad rollover accident, old guy was dying bleeding from ears nose and it took about 20min for anyone to arrive....the fire dept was literally less then 5min down the same road. Guess I'm jsut saying you can't rely on them. Police would not be there fast enough to stop him from doing anything, maybe just in time to catch him before he leaves.

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CB1000r - Currently where any future funds are going. (exhasut,bazzaz, ohlins shock, screen, etc.)

crf250r - Used to be race bike..now I just trail ride..practice at the track on it.

CH80 - Daily beater (when nice weather)best 150$ ever spent. 100+mpg

Sold to:

Skullz - pstone11 - Leo1103 - Volvo 63' - pavelpardo - imnew59585

Shower farts still piss me off.

I think theyre pretty neat. When the water runs down your crack as you let one out... its like shitting in a crockpot.
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Not really a pissed off post. Just white knuckles and tight butthole. Going into OT and that call that saved our ass. You mad Chicago?


Guess I'm with the hawks for the rest of the finals

stupid ass Toews man. I can't believe Detroit didn't make it, I'm still backing Datsyuk despite the loss though......

Biomedical/Behavioral Science Major, The (Self-Proclaimed) Undisputed-Homemade-Woofer-King

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Fucking love Alan you goddamned fucking super nerd lol

When Alan uses big words I don't understand

It's warming up enough that the donut-punching cyclist douchenozzles are getting their two wheeled fagmobiles out.

Everytime I see a guy driving a mini cooper I cant help but think he loves cock & (2/29/16)-My wife just bitched at me about throwing out things we don't really use. My response of well we don't really use your vagina so should we throw that out was evidently not the right response. I had to leave the room.

I missed Alan.

RIP 5/29/15 - I love you son.

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