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People's knees

My POS Bass machine-
2003 Hyundai Santa Fe on some shitty 22's
Bed Liner Paint Job-Pioneer AVH 3200DVD
4 DAD BD series 15's in a 4th Order (Bassheads ENT Design)
4 Arc Audio XDI2000.1 for the woofers
6 Cadence CVL68MBX 6.5's-Cadence CVL88MBX 8's-6 Cadence XT20 Supertweeters
2 Arc Audio KS300.4's for mids and tweets
1 Arc Audio ALD 10v Line Driver
All Audiotechnix Power wire
1 DC Power 270XP High Output Alternator
1 XS Power D3400 up front....6 XS Power D3100's in the rear
Air Lift 1000 Bags in rear to help with suspension
If your still reading this GFY.......

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People's knees

I'm interested to see what the story behind this is. Care to elaborate?

750??! Yeah, fuck that. Fuck this website, fuck SMD, fuck Steve, fuck all of his butt buddy mods, and their couches.


Team Subsonic Lows

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People's knees

I'm interested to see what the story behind this is. Care to elaborate?

Tequila I'm guessing

And the fact more than one person agrees does not make it a circle jerk, it makes it a bukkake scene and you're in the middle ;)

Chick took 3 shots of Jager, and then, pissed in my mouth..

B5 Passat Build Log


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So annoying.

Sometimes it happens in the matters of hours and I'm stuck in class. But by them time I'm on here, it's all gone lol.

Biomedical/Behavioral Science Major, The (Self-Proclaimed) Undisputed-Homemade-Woofer-King

Super-Neodymium-Woofer Build Log: The D4BA-V.2 http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/169236-diy-super-neodymium-woofer-build-log/?p=2475620

Fucking love Alan you goddamned fucking super nerd lol

When Alan uses big words I don't understand

It's warming up enough that the donut-punching cyclist douchenozzles are getting their two wheeled fagmobiles out.

Everytime I see a guy driving a mini cooper I cant help but think he loves cock & (2/29/16)-My wife just bitched at me about throwing out things we don't really use. My response of well we don't really use your vagina so should we throw that out was evidently not the right response. I had to leave the room.

I missed Alan.

RIP 5/29/15 - I love you son.

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Ok you fuckerz ready? Ok it pisses me the fuck off my son dustyn got has cancer and my son Michael died an that my sorry as wife isnt worth the money to divorce her ass an that i lost just about everything behind her bullshit. Amd it also pisses me off my mind isnt strong as it was 2 years ago amd it also pisses me off ive not got a chance ro rest sence mid November last year. It pisses me off i camt get just a fucking chsmce to pick uo the peaces of my life before another bullshit freak accident happens. It pisses me off i totaled my truck ivef a stupid deer and i swear the mist stuoidest olace to leave a 4 foot tall stump. It pisses me off my rubs are broke and i cant after almost 3back months if being off 3 days back i get all my ribs broke? Niw i cant work! ! Fuck me it pisses me the fuck off. So whats next lol im sure i will be pissed off. Stuoid therapist says be positive do one thing everyday that makes me laugh lmao amd today i make my self laugh at my own crazy fuckin wild life on this rock. Yea it pisses me off. Amd at last it pisses me off the insurance is dragging ass cutinf my check so im force to drive a 15 passnger 1 ton van untill these jack asses firgure out what they doing. O one more thing it pisses me off i got to pfobly have a few ribs taken out. Yea it pisses me off it pisses me off that im pissed off about this and that pisses me off. Holy shit im pissed off! Lol dam that felt good .

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