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Things that piss you off (anything)

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Watching some birds in the parking lot and this guy bird gave a girl bird a french fry. She dropped it and he got it back for her. She ate it and flew off, he didn't even get any bird head from her. Fucking cruel world.

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And the fact more than one person agrees does not make it a circle jerk, it makes it a bukkake scene and you're in the middle ;)

Chick took 3 shots of Jager, and then, pissed in my mouth..

B5 Passat Build Log


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That random pain you get in your balls out of nowhere, like someone just hit you.

Fuck all of that.

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i shook this one kids hand and it just folded in mine. long story short i fucked his girlfriendso.. yeah..

You want this to happen to you? Give decent handshakes people.

I was gifted with an innate ability to distribute wholesale ass beatings in a timely and orderly fashion.
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This painful cramp like feeling in mg taint sometimes when I sneeze

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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having a small headache and being sore from the shoulders down cause of one guy doesn't wanna push himself to be able to work without a coat on in the cooler

skar sk2500.1
0 gauge power and ground kunukonceptz
alpine HU
vxi65 components on BA gt-275
new build log -> http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/150642-project-d-kon-deathcards-build-log/#entry2148821
2 x-15 sundowns

singer alt, odyssey bat, and maxwell ultra caps

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Always setting stuff down , particularly measuring tapes and forgetting where i put it.. good that pisses me off or drill bits and after searching for 20 min it was right in front of you the whole time. I searched for my ear muffs today for 5 min and they were on my head lol

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Losing my huge roll of gorilla tape... Wanted to tape up my friends grad card


'01 Dodge Stratass Sealed Trunk Build Log
2008 Honda Fit Sport Build Log

On 10/3/2013 at 10:00 AM, ROLEXrifleman said:

Anyone who says they knew everything they wanted out of life at 19 can go suck a bag of dicks cause they are lying to themselves or brought up in a cult.

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Douchebag assholes that shoot up schools...they need their throat cut on nationa television.

cocksucker shot some people at the local college near my dads


yeah, and SMC is packed too, it could have been crazy had he been on main campus. But what pisses me off is that everyone was more concerned with Obama because we was 3 miles away..............and the secret service already said it didn't phase them, and the local cops are handling it. But nobody actually seems to care about the shooting. Glad to see the criminals really abiding the CA gun laws very well. This is going to officially screw rifle laws..........

Biomedical/Behavioral Science Major, The (Self-Proclaimed) Undisputed-Homemade-Woofer-King

Super-Neodymium-Woofer Build Log: The D4BA-V.2 http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/169236-diy-super-neodymium-woofer-build-log/?p=2475620

Fucking love Alan you goddamned fucking super nerd lol

When Alan uses big words I don't understand

It's warming up enough that the donut-punching cyclist douchenozzles are getting their two wheeled fagmobiles out.

Everytime I see a guy driving a mini cooper I cant help but think he loves cock & (2/29/16)-My wife just bitched at me about throwing out things we don't really use. My response of well we don't really use your vagina so should we throw that out was evidently not the right response. I had to leave the room.

I missed Alan.

RIP 5/29/15 - I love you son.

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Women. Let's just leave it at that.

Lane AKA HeroKight

'96 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4x4

R.I.P. Molliboo

$200 for new tires, on a jeep!? Is she stealing them or building them with a heat gun and rubber bands?

You hear that????

That's a category 5 shit storm coming

n8: hey you doing today. What's it like being a bitch? you can pm me if you'd like to explain why you arent one. Just like you did for your vs threads.

^^^Rules. Follow them.^^^

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