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Things that piss you off (anything)

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Also murphys law.

Got home from college yesterday all ready to finish off gta.

Xbox throws e74 code.

Tore it open, cleaned the heatsinks and put new thermal paste on.

Still dead. I just want to finish that game...

How often, & for how long - if I may ask - do you play that in under 10 days it appears you have already beat the game?!



2003 Chevy Monte Carlo SS


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Pioneer FH-P8000BT

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Fi IB3 (Two 12", 2-ohm SVC)

RF T400-2 & T500-1bdCP

MechMan S Series 240A

XS Power D3400 & D975

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Cleaning/organizing for corporate audits. EVERYTHING. has to have a yellow square painted on the floor where it should go. Hang signs, take down other signs, hide fans, hang fans, and the people who are only there for 1-2 hours twice a year think they know how to make our shop a better place. Hanging a signs that says "be safe" has never detoured an injury

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And people who name their kids cute baby names. "Hope," for example. Yeah that's fun until she grows up. Imaging being in your 30s trying to have anyone take you seriously when you say your name is Hope. Or being in school with that name.



That's as I believe it's Katt Williams says, you name your kids what you want but can never afford.


Sheena = pedobear

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People who put $5K in audio into a $500 car. Unless you absolutely are in love with the car, why do that to yourself? Doesn't really piss me off per se, but I guess I fail to understand. I'd much rather have a good car and very little audio gear than a POS 1995 Geo and awesome gear.

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On 6/6/2012 at 6:32 PM, 'LZTYBRN' said:

3. Don't put speakers outside the car unless you are the ice cream man.

My feedback thread

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Why would what someone else does with their own money piss you off? Why do you care so much?

And besides, you can do a lot with $5k of audio gear, such as rip metal, crack windshields, loosen every panel in your car, overstress your suspension to the point of failure. I don't know if I want to do that to my brand new car... but if you really got money to burn, go ahead, no one is stopping you.

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2007 Pacifica
Rebuild. Less quiet. Still not loud.

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Had a patient say he wants to be saved because he's going to die. Why wait until your going to die to start on religion.

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Stock 110 amp alt

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Sundown components

AA 50.2 for components

Pioneer FH-X700BT

Knukonceptz OFC 1/0

Fatmat and Q-mat Deadener

XS Power D3100 up front D925 in back

Mechman 240 alt

http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/189911-2013-scion-tc-build/ <Scion TC Build
http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/174094-jskiles-forte-koup/ <Slow Kia Forte Build
http://www.stevemead...ockUserAgent__1 < Old build 2005 Equinox

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Me! I piss my self off!! All the shitty decisions I've made an people I've hurt

same man but hindsight is always 20/20. Everyone has screwed up and hurt people in there lives. Some like me more than others

750??! Yeah, fuck that. Fuck this website, fuck SMD, fuck Steve, fuck all of his butt buddy mods, and their couches.


Team Subsonic Lows

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