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Things that piss you off (anything)

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Dropped 70 pounds since June, and nothing fits right. Can't buy new clothes yet, as Ill continue to drop.

Been rockin' gym shorts and t-shirts just about everywhere.

Its a good and bad thing.

Goodjob keep it up!!

No doubt! I need to get with the program myself. Need to lose about 40.

Static drops are my bag.

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Packing on the weight :( been pretty non-active while trying to get over this ankle injury from work I am trying to watch what I eat because of not being able to be active like I ws before

Team MaxRetribution

Si Vis Pacem Parabellum
Id rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

Bowhunting- Life Begins and Ends at Full Draw

Bowhunting Team Fatal Trajectory Hunt Team


http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/49335-sick96vtecaccords-t-line-build/?hl=sick96vtecaccord << Accord Build

http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/68498-smokedout08impalas-tline-build/?hl=+sick96vtecaccord << Impala T-line build


Rebassed.com for all your music needs 👌

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Head boss came to work today to talk to us. Found they are cutting hours and instead of 5 days a week, I can now only work 2 days a week.

Fuck that! So now the hunt for a new job begins..

Good luck man. Tough market in our area. Been looking for a few months now and things are just weird now here in CW compared to when I was younger. Expecting Master's degrees just to have a live person look at your resume. 25 years experience means nothing, but a degree that has nothing to do with the job apparently does.

Thinking of moving back to MKE, but never felt at home when I lived there.

What's your gig? Maybe I can keep an eye out on my searches.

I am a housekeeper at a medical rehabilitation center. pretty much janitor at an old folks home.

As much as it sucks, im probably going to apply for all of the factory jobs in my area and hopefully something will work out. I know beggars cant be choosers, but im trying to find a first shift job.

and thanks man. Im sure it will all work out eventually. the worst part is not knowing what is gonna happen. only time will tell

Fi Team 18's (4)
Crossfire 16k
Crossfire 400.4 & 800.4
Pioneer AVH-X491bhs
140ah cmax
CES 320's (2)

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My car slowly falling apart. Went to pick my cousin up from the beach bars and when I got home I noticed my back passenger window wouldn't roll back up. My front driver window was doing it a week ago but isn't anymore. I managed to get the window back up but now I need to see what the problem is. Good thing I have about a month off from school to get all of this worked out.

oh and finals week of course. A kid in my macro class, who I have only seen in maybe 3 sessions, asked my what will be on the final. WTF

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-Sony MEX-BT4100P
- (4) Crescendo PWX 6
- Cadence XA250.2
-Fi Audio BL 15 (Sealed Off)
-Crescendo BC2k
- Singer 240A alt

- XS Power D3400
- SkyHigh OFC power/speaker wire
- Big 3 with SkyHigh 0gauge
Build Log: Click Here

Scores: 146.5db @ 29hz Outlaw

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It's a really foggy night here and there is an abundance of assholes driving with their fucking brights on.

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That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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Spruce it up with the smell of deep fried cauliflower. Well then you'll be in the same boat after eating it with that smell lingering.

And the fact more than one person agrees does not make it a circle jerk, it makes it a bukkake scene and you're in the middle ;)

Chick took 3 shots of Jager, and then, pissed in my mouth..

B5 Passat Build Log


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