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Things that piss you off (anything)

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2016 Subaru BRZ | Sony XAV-AX100 | Rockford Fosgate DSM 4080 & DSM 40ix |

On 6/6/2012 at 6:32 PM, 'LZTYBRN' said:

3. Don't put speakers outside the car unless you are the ice cream man.

My feedback thread

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my 27 year old brother who stil lives with our mother, and is still going to school trying to get a ged for the eighth year in a row, no job having ass, uhhh let me just stop

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2007 trailblazer lthead unit- pioneer p4300dvd

crescendo ft-1 supertweeters

pioneer m650 pros

audiocontrol 2xs crossover

Rockford fosgate p200-2 highsrockford fosgate p400-2 mids1- fi btl 18amps- saz 3500battery- evermax in front, 2 9a31 dekas in rearwires all knuconceptz 1/0 and rcas

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im like super competitive... and when i dont play basketball like i know i should i get soo pissed. i have played until 3am by myself because of a pick up game that i lost at about 10ish... lol

oh and shit talkers...

2 DC 12" lvl 4s

1 DC 1.2k

XS Power S3400

big 3

Alll KNU wire

Pioneer HU

cheapo Legacy coaxes (just for now)


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