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Funky subs


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Whats this Funky stuff Im hearing about Funky Pups. I would never get them but curious to the hype? They look like a cheap speaker called super pros. Ps I know this prob. is not the 1st time this topic has come up lol. Another Ps im a noob here on SMD. My name is Vell and im a wooferhead, is good to see other wooferheads from fresh to masters. Go SMD.com

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Thats what caused the Northridge quake in Cali

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One person tried to burp them. The cover up was Mt. St. Helens - but we all know that's BS.

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I used to burp 167db with my old 10" Funky Pup. Funky's are no fuckin joke bro...

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They are POS subs with a pretty hilarious name. Running joke is that they have 1000dB sensitivity, cause changes in the Earth's orbit, etc. I own a 12" for the lulz.

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On 6/6/2012 at 6:32 PM, 'LZTYBRN' said:

3. Don't put speakers outside the car unless you are the ice cream man.

My feedback thread

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my cousins boyfriend broke my windshield with 1 funky pup, from a mile and a half away

Your cousin's boyfriend can throw pretty far.

And the fact more than one person agrees does not make it a circle jerk, it makes it a bukkake scene and you're in the middle ;)

Chick took 3 shots of Jager, and then, pissed in my mouth..

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They are neo iridium subs.....the best you can get period, the people who have them generally covet them, just check ebay and you wont find a single one for sale. Some people joke about the Pups, but it's really not a laughing matter at all...this shit is serious. You cant own the pups.....they own you!

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- XS D6500

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