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help using my smd dd1

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1 hour ago, strangeduck said:

So, your sub woofer infrasonic/subsonic get set to as low as they go. Headunit and amp. Sub low pass go as high as they go on headunit and amp. Check headunit sub out with the 0db 40hz track. 


Mids, set high pass if you have it as low as it will go and low pass as high as it will go, or select through, or full pass.  Check headunit with the 0db 1khz track. Use lower volume of the two.


Hook up amps with no speakers. Repeat the process above and set the amp filters like above.  probe the amp outputs his time. Use the max clean volume and adjust the gain . You may use the -5db 1k track if you like. I wouldnt go any more aggressive than that.

I like using a -7.5 custom track for my subs but -10 works ok. If it is too much use the -5

. -15 will probably be to aggressive.


Edit: autocorrect

Thanks duck. My Headunit voltage is 4volt. That should be enough to test just the Headunit using the RCA method correct? Well I did that and I never got the distortion light to stay lit. It blinked at 34 of 35 on my volume. 

Same when I tried the amplifier method. I could get the distortion light to blink @34 of 35 on the Headunit volume. But it never stayed lit. Making me wonder if everything on the system is out.  Because I set all my gains on amps.with head unit volume at 34/35


I just pulled.this off another thread about Kenwood decks


  On 10/14/2014 at 12:07 PM, MikeMikha said:

Hi all when finding the volume my HU clips at the distortion light won't stay on. It just flashes and turns off after certain volumes is this normal? Thanks.

My DD1 on my Kenwood Excelon does the same thing, every notch on the volume knob the clip light blinks really quick then turns off. It would illuminate HARD at 25/35 on deck power, RCA's read through the amps were clean all the way to 35.


Mine never stayed on at all on just deck power. I hooked up the positive RCA into the dd1. Tried sub, front and rear like that.



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Looks like Kenwood Excelon's are calibrated to not exceed 1% thd at full volume....at the RCAs.  The internal amp, not so much...


5 stars suggestion it is the cleanest radio so far is a false claim though. It only suggests that Kenwood calibrated it properly to be at 1% thd at full volume.  I am certain that the Pioneer PRS80 and the Sony RSX-GS9 are cleaner overall.



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quite a few head units play full volume with no distortion on the line outs. kinda the point of them. not all headunits are created equal though

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