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it is better to go down to to bare metal, the primer sometimes doesn't bond to the paint and it just flakes off.

better to do it properly the first time around.

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Bondo only goes on bare metal with a course scratch of 80 grit of courser. Do it everyday :)

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It is nessasary to sand it down to bare metal. Perferably grind it down. It will not stick well to paint. If you want something that will use a polyester putty but even that needs sanded and it is not recommended to use thick layers.


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yea you will definitely want to sand it all the way down, since you have to mold and shape it to the body it needs the strongest bond and if its just on top itll start chipping off THROUGH your paint. I have a picture from my car if you want to see an example. Nothing teaches you better than personal experience, especially if you do it right the first time.

And if your bondo is going in to repair where rust is, you definitely need to, becuase you need to grind all the rust off first anyway, but get all around it so it doesnt spread.

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