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I have 2 12 in Memphis mojos with 2 hifonics 2000d's going to each. I noticed one sub wasn't working so I took it out and noticed the speaker one of the wires fell off inside the box and the rubber and plastic was melted off and black..what would cause this?

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wire prolly got too hot?? i guess depends on what size wire, u may have been pushing too much power throught it and caused it to heat up and melt, likely to happen with ur other wire/s too. my .02

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how big is the wire?

it could be too small wire or its shorted out a few strands.

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I use 12g on my front speakers and 10g on my sub. If you're running 2000w at 14v you're able to run a max of 140A through your speaker wire. For that you need like 4AWG wire, but you're not running full-tilt all the time.

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