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fultron depth charge 12?

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No idea. You are the one getting them

Why not tell us? :)

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Take pics of them and post them here.

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looks like tony montana sneezed in your car.



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Ok so for an up date. Depth charge subs are old school Memphis. They are 8 ohm single coil rated at 200 wats rms. Got them stuffed in a prefab i got from my brother for now. They are powered by a rockwood 2 channel amp rated at 265 rms at 4 ohms. The subs are wires in parallel to bring down to a 4 ohm load. Amp is bridged down to a single channel. Already have a box designed for them when i get the money to build it. But for subs that are over ten years old and are entry lvl they pound pretty hard, well update with pics as soon as i can.

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