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i have an 03 volkswagen gti. for the longest time ive been chasing for speed and power. ive come to the point where i cant be happy with that, so now i am stepping up and getting serious with sound. i currently have 2 12" cvx's off of a eclipse da7232 in custom aeroport box. i built the box myself . im currently hitting 143.2 with the amp cut 3/4 up on music . my mission is to pass 155db. im planning on walling my car off with 12 12" cvx's and 2 kicker warhorses. i just recently started buying goodies , so firgured i would start now!!

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12 12" ? OMG That is a lot of woofers for a GTI.

Mabe you can find the Warhorse for cheap. I think they are not made anymore. Price went down, real down ! Must be the cheapest 10,000 w amp !

I would have choose another amp and other subs, but it's your car and your system !

Good luck.

black BMW X1 2.0 l 192 hp

OEM head unit, Amplifiers Audison AP 8.9 amp with integrated DSP and Ampere Audio 1200.

Focal ES 100 K in front doors, and Dayton RS 180 for midbass under the front seats.

2 SSA DEMONS 10" subs, in a 2.6 ft3  ported box. SecondSkin Damplifier on front doors, and Luxury Liner Pro for the cargo area.


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Its cuz they measure the amp 5000 watts pulling and 5000watts pulling so each stroke uses 5k

Somone who has used one can chime in and explain that further

I would recomend u go for a zenon board amp like sundown, ab, dc, crecendo, etc

I like the sound comming from them more


Santa Cruz Speaker Box

Build logs:

Daily Driver Lemon Marquis

2 american bass 750.1s

350.4 on 14 focal 6.5s

sq 945 on 4 hertz tweeters

Mystery subs peepwall.gif


The Mustang 'dubbed' Shirley the project from bullet holes to badass


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this bandpass went in my moms truck along with my eclipse da 7232, i just ordered a kicker zx1500 , and am about too grab 2 more cvxs and another 1500.1... im thinking of tuning around 33hz any input ? i really like my lows :rofl2:


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