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Good question. I have somebody who is looking to pick up one or two also.



beer sucks...but i can bring some jose cuervo. Only problem is that it makes me horny and gives me the rams. So unless yall wanna fight and then have some great make up sex i will leave it home.

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I was wondering the same thing. Any D3100's before the sale ends!?! Can I get a rain check on some?

Pontiac Grand Prix GT
400a Mean Machine alt.

EIGHT DD 12''s on a DDz2
DD vo 8''s,6''s,5.25''s&tweets
Norfolk, VA

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I e-mail XS about the 3400's and all should be done shipping out this week . Can't wait.

2009 Tahoe

2000bc Cresendo POWA Need 3500

2 Sundown Zv3 18 high rolled sexiness

dual alt bracket with Singer alt(coming soon)

Mtx Q(not sure if I'm going to use)

Knu wire and RCA's

Bass Head Bands

Oh and a few pairs of Jordan's


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