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Wtf, seriously....

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I know there are a thousand of these threads but seriously.

My neighbor brings his kids over to play all time, today he is talking about this corolla that he is looking to trade for his truck and yada yada. So anyways this dude in the corolla shows up at my house, turns out he's a ase mechanic and what not. I start asking him about putting in my mechman and he is asking why I need an alt this size. I start telling him I have a system in the car, he pauses for one second looks at the car.... Runs over to the drivers side and says your that dc audio guy I saw the other day, I almost broke my neck when you drove by. We talk back and forth and turns out his boy has a 15" level 5 on like 3000 with capacitors. Face palm. Turns out he is on his third set of coils, wonder why. Probably clipping the FUCK out of it.

It amazes me how some people have such amazing equipment and fail so hard.

Anyways insert the cool story bros.....




Viper 5902, big 3, 1/0 Rockford wiring, 2 xs d3100, mechman 300a, pioneer avic-z1, 2 dc 12xls, Rockford t2500.1bdcp, Rockford t1000.4ad, Rockford t2 6.5 comps, damplifier

Build log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/102584-carbon-fusion/

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Cool story bro. Yeah that makes me mad all the time.

Clip city bitch, clip clip city bitch. 10's, 12's, 15's, goin up in flames bitch.

TaylorFade, on 02 Jul 2013 - 9:38 PM, said:

Go back to that place, ask to speak to that dude again, look him dead in the eye and then.... pop him in the snot box.

Tell him T-Fade sent you.

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My caps work..make a huge difference...he's probably clipping the amp... and normal caps are garbage and starve voltage


VEHICLE:98 chevy tahoe 2wd 3-4 drop

HEADUNIT:alpine 9886


FRONT STAGE:4-6 1/2s selinium,DD component set and 4-selinium tweeters in each door

KICKPANELS:jl audio 5 1/4

REAR DOORS: dd components 6 1/2s

HIGHS AMPS:zapco 750.2 on front doors,zapco an another 750.2 on kicks and rear doors

SUBS:4-ascendant audio 18s with 5 spiders in a custom box built by KINGSUV

SUB AMP: 2-dc7.5s

ALTERNATORS: 3-mechmans 1- 425comp, 1-smd spec350, 1-270 with adj voltage harness on custom dc bracket

WIRE:10-runs 0g front to back


TL results:157.1 at 38hz and 156.8 at headrest score @37hz. STATE AND NATIONAL RECORD IN MECA S5.

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