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hi everyone. I recently installed some new subs and amp. 2-15" RE Audio XXX and a MA Audio HK-4000D. Heres the problem.Amp is going into protection mode when i open it up all the way due to (as far as I can tell) voltage dropping.It holds 13.3v most of the time but certain tones drop it below 12v shutting it down. Ive done the Big 3. Got 3 Kinetik batteries .2 HC800's under the hood and a HC3800 in the trunk. currently running stock alternator 120 amp. there is no available H.O. alternator made for my car(2002 hyundia XG350L) looking into having my stock alt beefed up. there is 1\0 gauge rockford fosgate power cable throughout. Also something weird,when the trunk is open it will shut down at half volume.trunk closed almost never shuts down... Any Ideas?? Thanks

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Would it help to ground the amp strait to the battery insteed of to the frame?

It's always recommended to ground back to the batt. I would especially do it if it's a unibody vehicle.

2009 Tahoe

2000bc Cresendo POWA Need 3500

2 Sundown Zv3 18 high rolled sexiness

dual alt bracket with Singer alt(coming soon)

Mtx Q(not sure if I'm going to use)

Knu wire and RCA's

Bass Head Bands

Oh and a few pairs of Jordan's


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ok ..currently i have the amp grounded to the frame by it self..the Battery in the trunk is grounded the frame in a different spot and there is no ground from front batteries to the rear battery.

So should i change it to where the amp ground goes to the rear battery ground terminal, rear battery ground to the frame and to the batteries in the front? sounds better to me. think it will help?

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