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by gones be by gones. I can forgive

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JP always lurked the site anyways, so his name being on here isnt much different, still a feg IMO :shrug:

arnt you like a mod over on his forum?? Or like a top poster or some shit?


-2005 Ford Mustang (Legand Lime)


-Pioneer avh 3200dvd


2 AQ 3500d.1s strapped 1ohm daily .25burps

1Sundown Audio 100.4

1 Sundown Audio 125.2


4 AQ HDC'4s 12's

Mids and highs

4 Sundown Neo Pro 8s

2 AQ Super Tweeters


Mechman 270 unit

1 D3400

2 D3100's


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JP always lurked the site anyways, so his name being on here isnt much different, still a feg IMO :shrug:

arnt you like a mod over on his forum?? Or like a top poster or some shit?

no mod, just used the site, doesnt mean i like him lol... besides, he banned me there cause i called him a dumbass, ON THIS FORUM lulz. so thats how i know he lurks this forum lol

Team Sundown Audio

**CURRENT** -- 2012 Scion tC Build Click Here

**OLD** -- 2002 Pontiac Grand AM Build Click Here
check them out, slap me a comment

2002 Pontiac Grand AM SE 2.2l 4 cylinder ecotec.

Head Unit - Alpine CDA-9887
Subs - 2x Z 12 v.2s - v.3 + NS Soft parts
Amplifier - Sundown Audio SAZ-3500D
Enclosure - 3.33 Cubes tuned to 34.66hz
Front Stage - JBL P660c 6.5" Components
Rear Deck - Powerbass 4xl 6.5" Mid-Range
Front Stage Amplifier - Sundown Audio SAX-100.4D
Wires - Kicker Hyperflex 1/0, KnuKonceptz 1/0, Knu 4 and 8 Gauge, Kicker RCAs
Electrical - 275 AMP DC Power H/O Alternator, XS Power S3400, XS Power D2700
Videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/BeAILsTaR13

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"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you" one of my favorite quotes by Lewis B. Smedes, always reminds me of s.meade haha. but anyways its always better to let go, there's plenty of shit talkers out there and by gones should be considered by gones

build coming late April, early May

build log for 1 LVL 5 18" 87%ish done : http://www.stevemead...ab-dc-lvl-5-18/

1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Slt Laramie

Amplifier - AQ3500d.1

Sub - DC LVL 5 18"

Highs - (2x) Selenium ST-350 Super Tweeters 8ohm

Mids - Selenium 6" 200w midrange 6W4P (pair)

Mids/Highs Amp - MB Quart ONX4.125 1000watt 4 ch

Wiring - XP Flex 25' Red, 25' Black

Alternator - Mechman 270amp

Battery - XS power D3100, 1- Yellow top front

more to come...

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screw jp . mr meade makes me who i am i get into all of this because of him thanks to him i want more and more every day first some 10s than 4 12s now 2 18s and tinking to get other 2 thanks MR. MEADE

Edited by I.V


06 Trailblazer ss

2 Team shok industries tsx 18s
Phoenix Gold ''THE ONE''
2 Phoenix gold 800.4
4 crescendo mp6.
2 crescendo mp8
bass processor

Dc power 270xp

150ft 1/0 ofc sky high cable
1 juicebox lithium 0.5kwh 14v/40ah
kenwood dnx8120
YouTube channel : REaudioxxx1
build log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/160106-trailblazer-ss-xxx/

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I'm not gonna say names but I've seen a few comments on the other forum talking shit on folks. And then they come here and do the same. Two faced bitches you know your names! Come clean now lol. Remember that its all there for any one to go see. Be a man and admit that shit! And stop playing both sides against the middle peeps!

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I mean no offence... but I guess thats what you get when you cant build it yourself :fing34:

no offense but that's a pretty stupid thing to say considering the entire industry is built around doing work for people who can't do it themselves

I wasn't trying to offend anyone, I said that straight forward. But for someone to pay someone ( a ridiculous amount) to do a build and then not be pleased with it, its kind of his own fault. I agree what happened was wrong, but if you want something done right do it yourself. I am all for people helping each other.

My Truck Build
Spending money on things I don't need, to impress others I don't know.
At the end of the day for me its about the love of customizing anything and everything to limits or even past reasonable.-SkyHighCarAudio

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I would get my money back. Shit he should have listen to people telling him it was shotty and it would have saved him. The first video he made when he picked it up from him you could tell kob was nervous about somthing. YouTube is a bitch. Now everybody knows not to go there for installs

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Hey guys, this has already been discussed in a thread that got locked. Let's not rehash, I think Meade just had to get some shit off his chest for peace of mind. Let it rest.

Tommy will get what he deserves.

2007 Pacifica
Rebuild. Less quiet. Still not loud.

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