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about 5yrs now, Im saving up right now so that I can finish the flames, the guy that started it has disapeered on me,  I found a new guy  and he wants to fix the current flames and  add more so that its all the way around,  the shit is expensive.  you cant see it but the demon face is actually covering up a old tat that I got done when I was drunk dont even remember getting it, woke up and I had it  oops.


the demon face was done all free hand, no pic, no drawing, just what came outa dudes head as he went.

the funky flames is my design lol

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my initals in gothic letters, was horrible, was told I bleed like a stuck pig.

thanks, i hear that alot  my skin must hold color well becuase the dude told me they would fade and they reallly havent very much I wish I still had the the pics from when it was done.

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