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The first tattoo to start on my sleeve and still my favorite. Hurt like a bitch by the armpit though.

The one lower is an octopuss in the ditch of my inside elbow around to my elbow and on the back of my arm where the anchor meets to is a compass

Everythings in the attic or garage since the truck was sold last year. New build should be coming soon in a dodge cummins smile.gif

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got this almost 2 years ago. not bad looking for that amount of time. Im planning on getting it touched up to looking like new here soon.


2 DC 12" lvl 4s

1 DC 1.2k

XS Power S3400

big 3

Alll KNU wire

Pioneer HU

cheapo Legacy coaxes (just for now)

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Got this covered a few months ago....Homemade tattoo gun bullshit. Young and dumb lol


Covered by my amazing artist with this....




My name is AdamThis is my Civic Build.7" Samsung Tab 2Kenwood KDC-X896Clarion EQS746Sundown X-15DC 3.5k @2ohmHatersGonnaHate's 02 Civic UBLELD Bypass for Honda Civic/Accord/FitDon's Jeep Grand Cherokee Rebuild

N8ball2013 - i think you'd stick your dick in a blender if it told you it was 40 wtih two kids your age. lol

srp365 - If posting were picking up bitches, I'd be going home single tonight

looks like tony montana sneezed in your car.



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