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yea thats my first and maybe my last..hurt so bad..i took 6 loritab 7.5s throught the whole process, so the pain was deadend a little

very nice first tat man :o

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    yea... it bangs.. but still need some few things




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I turned 18 July first and i want to get this tattoo. Tell me what you guys think. It is one that tupac had on his right inside forearm.

I am thinking of getting it on my side, in the stomach region but on the side of my body. I am not getting it on my arm cuz i dont like it there, I was thinking about on my neck, but i cant get a job with this tattoo on my neck in the future.


The tattoo says Trust Nobody and there is a crown there.Give me your honest opinion.

Posted Image

Baylor University


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